8 Way’s to Lose Belly Fat

To most people, an attractive, well toned stomach is like the Holy Grail of fitness, but this can be really difficult to get (just like the Holy Grail). Usually it’s not for want of trying, but rather its because people focus most of their efforts in the wrong place.

These days there are a lot of popular fat loss programs available online, such as The Venus Factor! These are all very good, however in the following section we focus on the most important requirements that should be followed if you want to know how to reduce belly fat for women!!!

Keep Moving

There’s one thing to like about belly fat: It gives in fairly easily to aerobic exercise. Biking, running, or swimming- basically any activity that gets your heartbeat up-wins over strength training when it comes to eliminating the stuff.

Research conducted recently by Duke University discovered that running the equivalent of 12 miles per week is enough to burn belly fat.


You will know that protein is necessary for a thinner you. But i’ll tell you why protein really must play a major roll on your menu: “Your body begins to create more insulin as you grow older, because your muscle and fat cells are not responding to it effectively”, explains Louis Arone, M.D. of the Obesity Center at Cornell Institution.

Insulin produces excess fat storage- especially around your belly- and an eating plan loaded with protein may protect you from insulin resistance, says Arone.

In one study, overweight women who implemented a diet for eight weeks which was approximately 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat lost far more fat- including visceral pudge- than women who stayed to a plan which was 16% protein, 55% carbs, and 26% fat


Saturated fat heaps on more visceral fat than polyunsaturated fat, based upon a recent Swedish study.

When subjects consumed 750 more calories on a daily basis for seven weeks- either by using palm oil (saturated fat) or sunflower oil (polyunsaturated fat)- the former gained additional visceral fat while the latter attained more lean muscle and less belly fat. Polyunsaturated fats are found in fish, seeds, and nuts.


Overweight people that consumed a tablespoon or two of vinegar every day for 8 weeks showed significant reduction in body fat- particularly visceral fat- based on a study conducted in Japan.

“One conclusion from this study is that the acetic acid within the vinegar generates proteins that melt away fat”, explains Pamela Peek, M.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland and author of Fight Fat After 40.


Postmenopausal women that tried out yoga for 16 weeks revealed a significant reduction in visceral fat from one 2012 study. If you are just not that into downward dog, almost any relaxation work out (even basic deep breathing can work). The secret is to minimize levels of the stress hormone cortisol, that is associated with belly fats.


Regularly trying to get by on five hours or even less per night increases visceral levels of fat. This is based upon a study conducted by the Wake Forest University in 2010. While you probably already know, eight hours is perfect.


Moderate exercisers who filled up on the antioxidants located in green tea- called catechins were able to shed belly fat while exercising compared to those who didn’t take them. One study placed the daily dose at 625 mg- the same as two or three eight ounce cups of green tea.


During a 2011 experiment, subjects who improved their soluble fiber consumption by 10 grams a day- the equal to 2 small apples, a medium sized cup of green peas and 1 half-cup of pinto beans- decreased visceral fat by an impressive 3.7% after 5 years.

If you can stick to these guidelines on how to Lose Belly Fat then your well on your way. Remember that nothing good comes easy.