How to Avoid Divorce or Breakups

Divorce or Breakups

I wrote this article because, like many couples, my marriage started falling apart after a few years.

I was actually the main reason for our near divorce. I had become tired of our relationship and no longer wanted to work on”us”. I wasn’t really sure where it was all coming from, but I started thinking about divorce as the best solution almost daily.

Deep down I knew otherwise, but at the time I kept thinking it would be for the best. We have two beautiful children who were 8 and 10 years old at the time. They were very upset at the mere mention of divorce. Anyway, I eventually started looking for help online….

Luckily, I discovered a book that changed my life forever. Knowing that many many couples struggle with marriage problems and the high divorce rate, I wanted to share my experience in hope of saving even a couple of marriages and keeping children with both parents if possible. So, here is…learn how to avoid divorce.

My Review of “Save My Marriage Today”

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A lot of marriages nowadays are ending in divorce.  It is becoming some kind of a trend. There are a few people who still get hitched even when they aren’t sure it’s what they really want because it is so easy to sign those divorce papers. Most couples believe that they have tried everything to make things work but fail; that is why they turn to separation.

If you are at all hopeful about you and your partner’s future, you must work really hard for it. It is quite understandable if you do not want to consult somebody else with your problems. Privacy is understandably a very important need for most people. Now there is a course which can preclude the possibility of a nasty split-up. It’s called “Save My Marriage Today” written by a very well known relationship specialist, Amy Waterman.

Here are some points discussed in this guide which may interest you in getting a copy for yourself

The predictors of a doomed marriage and one that will last forever

“Save My Marriage Today” starts off by explaining the signs of a disaster-prone relationship and those for a partnership that will survive. If you think that you see indications of the former in your own marriage, you have nothing to worry about. This book also tackles how to deal with those, and salvage your love for each other.

Molding yourself and your partner as it is called for

Although most people will say that you should love your spouse for who he or she is; that does not mean that you aren’t going to change at all. Marriage is a compromise. You need to conform yourself in certain ways as well. Being stubborn about this will only wreck both of your lives.

Your partner’s needs which you must take note of – all the time

This is one of the things that you have promised your partner when you said your vows. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget about taking care of their spouses. “Save My Marriage Today”  has pointers for you on how to remind yourself about this every single day.

Getting rid of the vicious cycle of arguments

Here is another set of tips which Amy Waterman highlighted in her creation. If you can agree to disagree, you would not have any problems causing broken furniture and sleepless nights.

What to do when you do break up with your spouse

This is included in one of the final chapters. The author gives tips on what you can do if the marriage does end in shambles. If you want to regain the love and trust back, this is the best guide for you.

There are so many tips and suggestions that the author included in this guide, some might think that it would cause confusion. However, you must understand each piece of advice and slowly absorb it. You can also bookmark certain parts, especially if you deem that your relationship will need that certain point.

It is very important to try to make your marriage work despite all the difficulties that you and your partner encounter. “Save My Marriage Today” can really help as long as you are open to the idea. Try to get a copy now, even if you do not have any problematic issues yet. At approximately $50, and with a money back guarantee, you don’t have much to lose and may gain a new outlook on the future of your marriage.

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